Civil Rights, Inclusion & Opportunity Department

We enforce the law and make sure opportunities and access are available and fair. 

CRIO Values

Our Mission

The Civil Rights, Inclusion & Opportunity (CRIO) Department’s mission is to advocate for inclusion and increased opportunities and to provide excellent service to all who live, work, play or do business in Detroit, resulting in a positive impact on our city. Whether investigating civil rights complaints, advocating for people with disabilities, uplifting Detroit businesses, or hosting community outreach events, CRIO works to ensure opportunities are available for all, and that everyone is treated fairly in our city.

About CRIO

The Civil Rights, Inclusion & Opportunity department formerly known as the City’s Human Rights department is the oldest civil rights department in the country, with roots dating as early as 1926 and 1947. Then in 1974, a new city charter implemented a department to serve as the city's civil rights agency, including investigating complaints of discrimination. Today, CRIO’s purpose is to investigate alleged discrimination, secure equal protection of civil rights, promote inclusion, and create opportunities and access for all citizens. 

Civil Rights Team

The Civil Rights Team takes our mission to investigate charges of discrimination, harassment and workplace violence for City of Detroit employees and citizens very seriously. We continue to investigate complaints remotely and safely in person. We are also providing virtual, safe in person and self -paced training on workplace violence, discrimination and sexual harassment for City Departments.

Language Access Program (LAP)

LAP continues to provide language services to the general public for City-related matters, including coordinating ASL services for press conferences and City Council meetings. CRIO is prioritizing COVID-19-related language requests. For urgent language requests please fill out this form. 

Detroit Business Opportunity Program (DBOP)

The Detroit Business Opportunity Program (DBOP) Team encourages and works to increase the utilization of local businesses by giving certified businesses the competitive edge needed to procure with the city of Detroit. DBOP continues to provide electronic certifications and will start back sending hard copies of Certifications, through mail, starting on July 1, 2022. As part of the application process, we’ve conducted site visits virtually due to Covid-19 however, our team will began in person site visits starting July 1, 2022. DBOP continues to collaborate with Detroit Means Business.

Incentives Compliance Team

The Compliance Team works to ensure that Developers are adhering to the promises and commitments that were made to the community and the city of Detroit, under the Community Benefits Ordinance. The compliance team also continues to ensure and monitor that Detroiters are included on construction sites in accordance with Executive Order 2021-2. In addition, our team monitors post-construction employment for developers who receive Tax Abatements.

Construction Outreach Team

The Construction Outreach Team is providing stability to community partners, sharing information related to COVID-19 developments, and conducting business virtually. With Detroit at Work, they are identifying digital barriers facing Detroiters seeking training in order to coordinate quick and effective solutions.

Office of Disability Affairs

The mission of the office is to increase independence, opportunities, community participation, safety, and wellness for persons with disabilities in the City of Detroit, and to ensure inclusion, representation, and equity for persons with disabilities as it relates to City employment, programs, and services.