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More Women in Asset Management is an organization dedicated to inspiring female MBA students to consider careers in asset management, and to provide coaching to ensure they are as well prepared as possible for jobs in the asset management industry. We are partnered with the Forté Foundation to reach female MBA's.

Did You Know…?

Women make up less than 15% of investment professionals in the institutional investment industry. Women are 16% of analysts and 11% of portfolio managers.

(M. Stumpp, "Where the Boys Are - Gender, Risk Taking and Authority in Institutional Equity Management", Journal of Investment Management, forthcoming).

Our Mission

Our mission is to inspire more female MBA's to consider careers in asset management and to coach them on how to both get a job interview and succeed at a job interview at an asset management firm.

We offer our program at select top-tier business schools. The program consists of seminars, mentoring and coaching of female MBA's interested in asset management.

How to apply:

Students submit to MWiAM (through their career office) a resume and a one-page statement detailing why they want to enter the asset management industry. If accepted, there is no cost to participate. Read more about our offering.

More Women in Asset Management