More Women in Asset Management

Our Offering

Our offering has four components:

  1. Seminar 1 - Why Asset Management?
    1.5 hours, on-campus
    • How To Become A Better Investor
    • How To Get an Asset Management Interview
    • Basics of Equity, Fixed Income, and Quantitative Investing
    • Elements of a Stock Pitch
  1. Seminar 2 - A Deeper Dive into a Stock Pitch
    1.5 hours, on-campus
    • Industry Analysis
    • How to Do Well in an Asset Management Interview
  1. Mock Interview Workshop
    2 hours, on-campus
  1. Mentorship - Ongoing coaching of any individuals or teams preparing for stock pitch competitions (Cornell Women in Investing, UNC Alpha, etc.)
    • The format is typically two or three 20-30 minute phone conversations, although the specifics are left to each mentor/mentee pair

How to apply:

Students submit to MWiAM (through their career office) a résumé and a one-page statement detailing why they want to enter the asset management industry. If accepted, there is no cost to participate.

More Women in Asset Management